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Ajay Kumar Mishra, Speaker at
Ajay Kumar Mishra
Academy of Nanotechnology and Waste Water Innovations, South Africa


Ajay Kumar Mishra (MSc, MPhil, PhD, CSci, FRSC) is currently working as Director: Academy of Nanotechnology and Waste Water Innovations (ANWWI), Johannesburg, South Africa and also working as Adjunct Professor at Jiangsu University, China. I have worked as Professor at University of South Africa, Florida Science Campus, South Africa. Prof Mishra recently recognised as “Fellow member” and “Chartered Scientist” by Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. Prof AK Mishra research interest involves in the broader areas of Nanoscience/Nanotechnology; Materials Science; Polymers; Composite/Nanocomposites; Photocatalysts and Water Research. He is also actively involved in the area of nanotechnology towards the development of smart materials for various applications in the field of materials science and water research. He supervises students involved in the nanotechnology and water treatment research in projects involving organic, inorganic pollutants from both synthetic and waste water solutions. His research focuses aims at developing a protocol which may lead to developing a technology which may be utilized for industrial purposes. He has delivered a number of including Plenary/Keynote/Invited Lectures. For his outstanding research profile, he was awarded a number of international awards. Prof. Mishra also served as Associate Editor as well as member of the editorial board of many peer-reviewed international journals. He has edited several books by the renowned publishers and also reviewer of many international journals. He is serving as member advisory board of a number of international scientific societies, conferences and workshops.