HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Rome, Italy or Virtually from your home or work.

Welcome Message

Green Catalysis Conferences 2025

Yours Sincerely
Professor Stanislaw Dzwigaj
Sorbonne Universites, France

20th Edition of the Global Conference on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering, and Technology | March 13-15, 2025 | Rome, Italy | Hybrid Event

Dear congress visitors, It is my honor and great pleasure to write a few welcome notes to you. Through centuries people were fascinated with the possibilities of synthesis of new materials with extraordinary properties. New materials are practically needed in all domains of life. Design and synthesis of new materials is one of the most important and interesting part of material sciences. Particularly a synthesis of new active and selective catalysts is a very important challenge. Our main aim concentrates on the new methods of the synthesis of single-site hierarchical porous zeolite catalysts with acid-base and redox properties. Such zeolite catalysts with active sites formed by incorporation of heteroelements in their framework are perspective as catalysts of protection of environment and biofeedstock conversion into valuable chemicals

Welcome Message

Catalysis Conferences 2025

Yours Sincerely
With best regards, Prof and Dr. Dai-Yeun JeongĀ  Director of Asia Climate Change Education Center, South Korea Emeritus Professor at Jeju National University, South Korea

Welcome Message for CCET 2025

Dear Colleagues,

It is my great honor and privilege to welcome you to this multidisciplinary conference, CCET 2025 to be held from March 13-15, 2025 in Rome, Italy.
Current era is defined as a risky society in terms of various categories of environmental problems, which are caused by industrialization having been advanced since the 18th century for improving material affluence and convenience in everyday life. A wide range of strategies are being launched at a global, national and local level for promoting industrialization while solving environmental problems. As you know, these strategies are synthesized as sustainable development with the direction towards the co-existence between humans and nature.

CCET 2025 aims at creating a unique multidisciplinary environment for interaction and collaboration related to catalysis, chemical engineering and technology for renewable resources, energy, environment, and sustainable chemistry, etc. Thus, in a narrow sense, CCET 2025 is a technology-based solution of chemical field, but in a broad sense, is a technological means to be mobilized for achieving sustainable development which is the ideology and practice of present and future socio-economic development.

Having the opportunity to present your work, to discuss and exchange your ideas with colleagues both from academy and industry as well as to establish new connections and collaborations, makes this journey considerably less demanding. I hope you will enjoy your stay in the historical and beautiful city, Rome by attending CCET 2025.

Welcome Message

Chemical Engineering Conferences 2025

Yours Sincerely
With best regards, Thomas J. Webster, Ph.D. H-index: 125 Nominated for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

CCET 2025 Welcome Message

Dear CCET 2025 Attendees,

I am delighted to invite you to the upcoming 20th Edition of the Global Conference on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering, and Technology (CCET 2025) to be held in Rome, Italy March 13-15, 2025.  Unfortunately, over the past several years, dis-information about research, scientists, and companies has spread on social media – unchecked and undebated. This is not the scientific process. This has got to change and we must take back the days of in-person, rigorous scientific debate, not hidden behind social media platforms which don’t allow for such discourse.
Are your tired of the same old scientists giving the same old talks at traditional academic society conferences ? The same people winning the same awards ? How many times can we hear the same person giving the same talk and getting the same awards ? I, for one, think our research field is more diverse than this and needs to celebrate all of our voices. We must hear and embrace the wonderful plethora of new fresh ideas that all of us create to develop solutions to our most challenging problems.
CCET 2025 will do just this. CCET 2025 will bring together new and seasoned scientists, researchers, experts, students, industries and companies from around the world to discuss the latest in catalyst and chemical engineering research. By fostering proactive knowledge exchange and discussion, CCET 2025 will create a unique multidisciplinary environment for the interaction and collaboration related to catalysis and chemical engineering and technology covering topics such as catalysis and porous materials, catalysis in nanotechnology, catalysis for renewable resources, catalysis for energy, catalysts for health, environmental catalysis, green and sustainable chemistry, etc. These topics are timely and I am convinced that we will all develop new ideas to solve our most persistent sustainability, health, and energy global problems.
I look forward to welcoming you to CCET 2025 to collectively explore the next generation of research, driven by rigorous in-person scientific debate (not hidden behind social media) and led by our diverse research community with fresh ideas (not those speakers constantly regurgitating the same old ideas in traditional academic society conferences).