Haibo Ge, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Keynote Presentation
Haibo Ge, Texas Tech University, United States

Selective carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond formation reactions are among the most important processes in organic chemistry since it enables the construction of common organic molecules from simple precursors. Among various methodologies, the transition metal-catalyzed tra [....] » Read More

Serge Cosnier, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Keynote Presentation
Serge Cosnier, Université Grenoble Alpes, France

For four decades, the functionalization of electrodes by biomaterials based on electrogenerated polymers, carbon nanotubes and / or nano-objects, was widely used in the field of analytical chemistry and energy conversion for the design of biosensors and biofuel cells. Some new ap [....] » Read More

Ziyi Zhong, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Ziyi Zhong, Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, China

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. In the last several decades, intensive efforts have been made to activate and convert CO2 through hydrogenation reactions to value-added chemicals, particularly through thermal catalysis. Various catalysts are applied fo [....] » Read More

Samira Rostom, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Samira Rostom, Canmet Energy, India

Hydrogen is considered as one of the most important clean and renewable energy carriers for a sustainable energy future. However, its efficient and cost-effective purification remains challenging. This paper presents the potential of using metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) in [....] » Read More

Shalini Arora, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Shalini Arora, IIT Kanpur, India

The deep removal of high molecular weight sulphur compounds (e.g., 4,6, dimethyl dibenzothiophene) is challenging due to their steric hindrance.  Hydrogenation desulfurization (HYD) pathway is the main pathway to remove these sulfur compounds and it is mainly governed by the [....] » Read More

Shivangi, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Shivangi, Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology, India

Photocatalytic oxidation of organic pollutants from wastewater using semiconductor-based engineered nanomaterial is considered to be an efficient and economic environmental remediation process. Ni/NiO/SnO2 sunlight-driven photocatalyst was synthesized by a facile two-step synthes [....] » Read More

Ademola Bolanle Raheem, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Ademola Bolanle Raheem, University of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria

The chemical business is becoming more environmentally sensitive. The adopted measure for catalytic chemical processes is the choice of suitable and environmentally friendly catalysts in place of noble single-use metals. In this study, various catalysts that are used to chemical [....] » Read More

Alexander G Ramm, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Alexander G Ramm, Kansas State University, United States

It is proved that the Navier-Stokes equations are physically and mathematically contradictive and there is no solution to the Navier-Stokes problem on the whole semi-axis of time in the whole three-dimensional space without boundaries. The aim of this talk is to analyse t [....] » Read More

Anne M Gaffney, Speaker at Catalysis Conference
Keynote Presentation
Anne M Gaffney, University of South Carolina, United States

To address the issue of waste plastics in landfills, a hybrid approach is proposed. This would use low temperature plasma pretreatment followed by catalytic cracking to augment the conversion of waste polyolefins into monomers, intermediates, new polymers and value-added chemical [....] » Read More

Osman Adiguzel, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Osman Adiguzel, Firat University, Turkey

Some materials take place in class of smart materials with adaptive properties and   stimulus response to the external changes. Shape memory alloys take place in this group, by exhibiting shape reversibility and capacity of responding to changes in the environment. Thes [....] » Read More

P K Dash, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
P K Dash, NMIT, India

The space propulsion becomes more challengeable in current era of 21st Century. Lot of developments are happening to overcome the required speed and stability in this domain. But it is still going research for achieving the goal. In 20th Century, the scientific community and engi [....] » Read More

Moinuddin Sarker, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Oral Presentation
Moinuddin Sarker, Waste Technologies LLC, United States

The exponential growth of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) along with its environmental impact is one of the most critical problems that large cities in developing countries face now-a-days. Solid Waste management in developing countries is characterized by highly inefficient waste co [....] » Read More

Minjae Baek, Speaker at Catalysis Conferences
Poster Presentation
Minjae Baek, Korea International School Jeju, Korea, Republic of

Gas adsorption, a surface phenomenon leading to densification of gas molecules on a solid surface, is important in many energy and environmental applications, such as efficient separation processes, carbon capture, and geological carbon storage. Experimental measurements of adsor [....] » Read More

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